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Never Too Late

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یکشنبه 8 اردیبهشت‌ماه سال 1392


Hi my dear friends what's up?

It's obvious that looking for a job is so tough and I remind this joke about finding a job. I'm not like a person who obey other's orders actually it depends to the work and what they ask me to do!

 It seems they give me all unfinished works and they expect to do finish it as fast as you can. So let me tell you the story.

One day an unemployment person goes to the zoo and asks the chief if they want someone to work there.

The young man: Hello I need a job but I have diploma.

Chairman: Hi I'll see, yeah we have a job here with a high salary!

The young man: OK fine so what is it?

Chairman: You should go to the monkey cage and play his role!

Young man: good enough it's fair thank you.

After that he gets used to putting the skin of a monkey and do funny things. After awhile on Friday he gets excited because there are many people in the zoo who wait for funny movements. As he is jumping and tittupping and prancing suddenly he falls down to lion cage

Help Hellllllp .He shouts.

The lion jumps on him and says: hush I'll lose my prestige ,I have B.S.

Finding a job is not so hard but it's better for you to enjoy from working .I mean Live to work not work to live.

Please tell me about your attitude.